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About Gold

«I buy gold and silver because it is real money. So when the price of it goes down, naturally I’m going to buy more of it.»

Robert Kiyosaki

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"Easily gold, silver and copper would be a useless waste rock".

Mahatma Gandhi

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“There is no scenario where gold and silver do not rise”.

Mike Maloney

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"You have a choice between the natural stability of gold and the honesty and intelligence of the members of government. And with all due respect for those gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, vote for gold.”

Bernard Shaw

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"I don't invest in gold because I'm cheering for the world to fall apart. I invest in gold and silver because I believe the policymakers are guaranteeing the world will fall apart".

Jay Taylor

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"It is much better to have your gold in the hand than in the heart".

Thomas Fuller.

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"Money is freedom made of  gold"

Erich Maria Remarque

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All that glitters is not gold.

English proverb

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Misers mistake gold for their good, whereas it is only a means of attaining it.

F. La rochefoucauld

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Gold is the spiritual basis of existing society.

Honore de Balzac

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There is a universal tool that can open almost every door: round, yellow and shiny metal. Gold.

Valeria Vedeneyeva, book "The magician and his shadow"

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About Unigold company

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About Bussiness

Your Personal Gold and Currency Reserve

Only with the Unigold Affiliate program, you have the opportunity to form your Personal Gold and Currency reserve.
All the rewards you gained in our affiliate program is credited to your bonus currency account (in US dollars) and/or to a special bonus gold account (in gold bullions).

Affiliate Program

You can start the partnership with Unigold and join the Affiliate program at any level you wish and be rewarded according to your efforts.
An Affiliate Program member is an independent person who recommends Unigold’s marketplace and products. There is no need to be an old-school salesman trying to sell stuff people don’t need.

Starter Kits

A Starter Kit is a set of products from our marketplace, Unigold educational and promo materials with a special discount.
There are four different Starter Kits available. You must choose at least one in order to participate in the Affiliate Program and get your rewards.
Your reward options and account status depend on which Starter Kit you have purchased.

Team Bonus

You can get more income by building a network of like-minded people (your team).
Everyone you are introducing to the team is placed in your Team Tree on either the Right or Left Team. Every time a member of your team sells a product, those sales generate Group Volume (GV) either for Left or Right Team.
When both of your teams reach at least 400 GV each, you earn the Team bonus as 10-15% of the smallest Team GV.

Referral Bonus

Once your referral (the client invited by you) buys something at our marketplace you earn commissions from that purchase: Referral bonus.
Your Referral bonus is 20% of Commissionable Volume (CV) of the first purchase of your direct referral, and 10% of CV of all next purchases.
Referral bonus is paid immediately to your online office, but in order to avoid fraud, you cannot request payout earlier than a week after they purchased.

Matching Bonus

After you have learned how to recruit and trained your people to do the same, the next thing to do is to create REAL leaders in your organization.

The Matching bonus encourages you to help your team member lead, duplicate and build in depth.

Our Blog

Swissgolden Welcome Promo

Good news for all who wish to become a Leader in Unigold! Up to July 25, 2018!

We offer you a unique opportunity to receive 100% discount with the special Unigold Starter Kit (a set of promotional materials and a certificate for training at Golden Academy, which will allow you to become an expert and earn money in the gold market).

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Good news for everyone who plans or already builds their gold business with Unigold!

Unigold Leadership tour starts in Mexico!

You have a unique opportunity to get relevant information about the development of your own gold business with the help of the Unigold marketplace from the company's top executives!

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Join us on our official Telegram channel!

Join us on our official Telegram channel!

Receive notification of all of our publications and news on your mobile phone! 
Stay with us and be informed of all news of the company!

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GREAT NEWS FOR THOSE, WHO WILL TAKE PART IN MEETINGS of Unigold leadership tour in Mexico!

You have a unique opportunity - to become one of the lucky owners of the gift gold bar, which will be determined randomly among those who fulfill simple conditions!
Our goal is to make UNIGOLD the number one trading platform in the world!
Time to change your life for the better, become a part of the big UNIGOLD team!

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